Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Installing Pfsense

Install Pfsense on any old Pc having two network cards (1 for LAN and other for WAN)

1. Download the Pfsense CD from the pfsense website and burn it on the CD/DVD

2. Put the CD in CDROM and boot the computer using CD and you will get something like this.

let it boot in the default mode and it will ask you for the interfaces provide the interfaces for WAN and LAN and any other optional interface if you have or required.

Then connect the LAN interface to your Laptop or your Desktop which you are using and enter the ipaddress of LAN interface which youhave enter by default its

Enter the Ip address in the browser and a setup wizard came and complete the wizard

Enter the Login Details as
User :admin
Password :Pfsense

Your Firewall is all set for home use
In the Next part i will tell you about the bandwidth spiting and other cool stuff about the Pfsense.