Friday, January 17, 2014

installing GITLAB on ubuntu 12.04

Creating you own private small Git hub.

To Create a small local for highly confidential projects or for the people who cant effort
to host the project on

You should have a good machine it can be virtually hosted but should have large hard disk (50 GB or 100GB )and  should have average amount of ram to server the contents (512 to 1024MB) will be great and Linux OS(Ubuntu 12.04 server) on top of it and most importent for the installation process to work you should have internet connection on the Linux bit.
Installation process :-

 To Install git lab You should have either of the following command line tools available with you on Linux box.

  1.  sudo apt-get install curl  # curl
  2. sudo apt-get install wget #wget
I will use curl in my case. 

curl | sudo sh

ones you have fire this rest of all the stuff is handle by this script.  

on your machine from which you want to access this gitlab or if you want to use it in network then make a entry on router or for single you you can use host entry 

if you are using linux as a client machine the 

<ip of linux box>

open browser and type and you can see some thing like this.